Thursday, February 03, 2011

Evercoat for Outer Ankle Cylinders, Battery Boxes

Tonight I did a little finishing work on the outer ankle cylinders and battery boxes.

Like the ankle cylinders on the center ankle, these cylinders for the outer ankles required just a little more filling work with Evercoat.

When Mike kindly cut the doors for the battery boxes a few weeks ago, the collar on the Dremel dragged along the straight edges of the battery boxes, just slightly making them bumpy. A little evercoat should fix that up as well.

Finally, I'm happy to report that the silicone holding the lens into the resin eye cured perfectly. Unlike with droid #1, where I was constantly loose-fitting parts together, I have largely refrained from loose-fitting much on droid #2. However, seeing as I'm getting close to attaching the panels to the dome, I decided to give a loose fit to see how the panels and eye looked.

A couple of the panels may require some slight bending to get them to hug the inner dome to which they will be attached a little better, but all in all, things look okay.

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