Saturday, November 27, 2010

Foot Strip Cutting at Mike's

Today I went to Mike's to get the aluminum foot strips cut. There are two strips on each foot, six total. Each end has a differently angled cut on them, and Mike's chop saw is the perfect tool for the beveled edges.

Here is the most misleading picture of the day. Of the 12 cuts that were made, I probably succeeded with three or four. Mike either made the other cuts, or at least cleaned up the other ones I did. Apparently I don't hold the work very still as I'm cutting into it.

The camera managed to capture the teeth of the blade as they chop into the aluminum. Lots of small flakes of aluminum go flying about during the cut.

The 55 degree cut on the outer foot strips required a bit more elaborate setup. Mike clamped the work so that it would lay 90 degrees offset from the standard position, and then we set the miter angle to 35 degrees, and cut out 55 degrees' worth of material.

Looking good!

I still need to drill the holes for the knurled fittings on the front outer foot strips, and I may need to file or sand the center foot strips to be just a bit shorter once I square off the channel area on the center foot.

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