Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Finished Wiring Up Dome Electronics

Tonight I finally had a chance to sit down and finish wiring up the dome electronics. (Well, mostly. I still need to attach the on/off switch once I've painted it.)

I'll go over this tutorial-style, for those new to electronics. Not that I'm all that experienced in electronics myself...

As I mentioned the other day, I want to be able to unplug my various dome electronics from the power bus bars, so I'm using PC fan connectors. I first labeled both ends of each connector so that when it's time to plug components back in, I'll know which connector they belong to. In this case, the Rear Logics.

Next, I measured how short the PC fan connectors come up, when trying to reach the white bus bars.

I cut segments of wire to make up the shortfall in wire length.

A wire stripper does a nice job of pulling the plastic insulation off the 22 gauge stranded wire.

I tinned each end of the segment of wire, by melting a little solder onto the exposed stranded wire.

Next, I cut a short segment of shrink tubing, threaded it onto one side of the two wires to be soldered together, and then got to soldering. After I was done soldering the two wires together, I slid the segment of shrink tubing over the solder joint and applied heat from the soldering iron to shrink it to size.

I also decided now was the time to hook up the trigger signal on the top front logic, that controls the playing of a text message. I am using a USB connector for my Ben & Jason & Dave front logics, and the green wire coming out of the USB cable is the one that triggers the message. Afterward, I applied shrink tubing to this solder joint as well.

Finally, time to power it up. Everything had been tested in isolation, and outside the dome ring, but this is the first time testing with all the electronics mounted on the dome ring.

Success! Everything works fine. Here's a short video. The colors are off in the video, and there is a semi-cool, weird effect that my camera picks up when displaying the front logics.

I forgot to wire up the front holoprojector LED, but I did that later, and it also works.

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