Sunday, November 07, 2010

Down Syndrome Buddy Walk 2010

For the third year in a row, R2 participated in the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, supporting Matthew Henricks' son Trevor.

R2-D2 was joined by Ken Stubbert and his droid, R5-X2. Ken couldn't have picked a better color scheme for this picture.

Before the walk started, a motorcycle officer came by and asked for pictures with the characters.

You don't want to see this in your rear view mirror.

Around 11:15am, the walk started, and we manned our stations in front of the stadium. Then, it was pictures, pictures, pictures!

The darling child below on the right decided to repeatedly kick the left foot shell, and managed to either create a new crack or give rebirth to an old one. It's nothing that can't be fixed, but I was less than enamored.

Trevor's Troopers were out in force, including the guest of honor himself, Trevor.

Once the walk was over, we headed inside the stadium, where there was a carnival-like atmosphere on the field.

The three droid builders pose with their middle-infield prospects for the 2011 season.

And a group picture with everyone involved with Trevor's Troopers.

When I got home I removed the left foot so I could start repairing the foot shell. I always try to fix stuff as quickly as possible.

I globbed some PVC glue in the cracked areas and clamped it down, to dry overnight. Hopefully everything will hold.


Anonymous said...

I do hope the "kicker" 's parents apologized profusely?

Matthew said...

Thank you again for coming out Victor.

Victor Franco said...

The kicker's dad gave a whiny, semi-mocking, "Soooorrrry Aaarrtoooo..."

Matthew, I'm glad we were able to help out!


Calvin Thomas said...

Sorry about your shell.
We tried a museum and the kids there were terrible. Trying to do damage to our droids.
So we left and will never do a museum again.
Parents really need to control the kids better.

Victor Franco said...

Thanks Calvin.

I've learned when possible to keep R2 against a wall, to help keep kids (and adults) from swarming him from all angles. When I did the Star Wars in Concert events, I had people line up for pictures. It was hard keeping the line, but it definitely saved R2 from sure damage.

Outdoor events are much tougher to manage.