Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sanded Evercoat on First Outer Foot Shell

Let the sanding begin. Starting with 150 grit sand paper.

Well, that put a dent in it.

Next, I moved to 220 grit sand paper. Getting a little closer.

Finally, 400 grit sand paper.

There are a few pinholes and voids that need small touch-ups, so I'll work on those next.

I'm not going to try to make the middle section of the curved area perfect, because a) it is hidden by the battery box, and b) a good chunk of it will be cut out to accommodate the motor. It's in pretty decent shape as it is anyway.

On the other outer foot shell, I will go much easier on the Evercoat. This took an eternity to sand, and it ends up being a waste of both time and material.


Anonymous said...

Now....just how do you keep from getting dust all over your laundry room???!!!??? I usually end up covered in dust from head to toe.

Great work!

Victor Franco said...

Fortunately, this is all in the garage. But I still make a pretty good mess. The shop vac gets a good workout.

And I took a shower afterward.