Sunday, May 30, 2010

Star Wars in Concert - Ontario, California

Well, as if R2 didn't not get enough of Star Wars in Concert in San Diego two days ago, he made not one, but two pre-show appearances for the concert double-header at Citizens Business Bank Arena, in Ontario, California.

The first show was scheduled for 3:00pm, and around 1:45pm I maneuvered R2 into position at one of the photo backdrops. Watch out for that fireball!

A never-ending line of people took pictures with R2 and Victoria, as Princess Leia.

Newcomer to the R2 Builders club Norm Rapmund and his son jumped into a picture with me. I also saw fellow members Ken Stubbert and David Mallory in attendance today.

Where's that other hand, young Indiana Jones?

About 15 minutes before the show started, we closed down the line, and R2 went back to a proper dressing room with the other characters.

Looks like Yoda could use some resuscitation, but I'm not putting my mouth on that thing.

I got my ticket for the show, and we were provided nice seating for the concert. Oh wait, no photography allowed.

After the show, there was a break, and then we did it all over again! Some miscellaneous pictures between shows.

This time with Jon as our Rebel trooper, and Sonya as Princess Leia.

Oooh, and looky looky at what I got!

Yup, a new signature for my back door. Right under Don Bies... Anthony Daniels. :)

Another enjoyable concert experience, and I'm very appreciative of the opportunity to participate.

The full photoset (or at least, as many as I had time and patience to upload) is here. The timestamps are a bit messed up, so some pictures are out of order.

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