Thursday, May 06, 2010

Finished Sanding Half Moons, Sanded Cylinder Holders

This evening I was able to finish up sanding the last of the four resin half moons. This one probably needed the least amount of work.

Another pile of resin dust to show for the effort.

The goal once again is to have the back of the half moon sit flush against a flat surface, so mission accomplished.

While I was in a resin-sanding mood, I decided to work on the ankle cylinder holders. I poured the resin on these as well, and one of them had a few extra drops/blobs of resin that needed sanding.

That was childsplay compared to the half moons.

I'm glad that's behind me. At some point I'll work on the battery box harnesses, and I think those are the last resin parts that will need work. I'm doing this now to prep for painting as the weather starts to get warmer.

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