Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Glued Down Window Strip PIeces on Second Outer Foot Shell

In a replay of the work I did for the first outer foot shell, tonight I glued down the window strips for the second outer foot shell.

As with the first foot shell, there was a little overhang to deal with.

Sand paper makes quick work of that.

Glue goes in the low areas.

Finally, clips help hold the window strips in place.


Calvin Thomas said...

Hey Victor,
I'm finally working on the outer feet and I ordered as set of A&A, But I'm having some problems with the fit on the A&A motor holders.
Andy is checking this out for me.

I've been reading how you used a PVC pipe for the curve and I hope to copy what you've done.
Any other tips?

Victor Franco said...

Hi Calvin,

I can't think of anything regarding my A&A footshell build that I haven't put in my blog.

I do plan to cut some PVC reinforcements for the inside of the foot shell, and glue those in place. I haven't gotten around to doing that yet, but I will eventually. Mike and I did the same thing for our scratch-built PVC footshells.

Also, I plan to fill the gaps, probably with Evercoat, but I may also use the "sawdust" leftovers from cutting the PVC reinforcements, if I have enough material to fill those gaps. I will use Oatey PVC glue to glue in the reinforcements.

Hope that helps,