Thursday, March 04, 2010

Started Gluing Center Foot Shell Backing Strips for Windows Pieces

I'm not intentionally dragging out this foot shell build, but it sure seems like it.

Tonight I got very little done, I started gluing the backing strips that make up the skirt for the lower foot shell. These pieces also serve as backing pieces for the small windows along the bottom of the shell.

The skirt on the center foot shell is supposed to descend 1/8" from the rest of the bottom of the shell. Some newer designs provide an even longer skirt size, but I'm going with the current official blueprints. Droid #1 does not even have this skirt piece, but it does help hide the wheels somewhat.

I marked the 1/8" spot and drew a line. I also marked the centerpoint, to align it properly with the rest of the foot shell.

As you can see, I got sloppy with the Testors glue the other day, so I squared some of the corners that had glue in them, before bonding the backing strip. I will sand the faces of the footshell smooth later.

Time to glue! I went back to the ProWeld for this.

I'll let this dry overnight and work on the next piece. I expect I will have to do some filling if the pieces don't align perfectly (and I have a feeling they won't).


DarthMoose74 said...

I am getting ready to glue the ones I made together.

Are yours home made or A&A?

If they are home made how did you bevel the corner edges?

Victor Franco said...


These are the real A&A foot shells.

Droid #1 has scratch-built foot shells, and I recall the beveling was the most complex part of the foot shell build, with lots of compound miter angles. I don't think the A&A shells take all that into account, so there is a lot of filling required where the pieces meet.