Saturday, March 06, 2010

R2LA Builders Day

Today Mike invited the locals out to have a building day. In all honesty, not a lot of building got done, although William and Nikki Miyamoto were busy at work the whole time, and Russell Rucker also got some work done. As for me, I brought the foot shells in the car, but I was so busy socializing and managing the webcam, that I never did bring them out.

Mike Johnson made the drive from Las Vegas, and we got to see his powder coated pieces in person.

Newcomer Ed Perello has done a beautiful job preparing and painting a resin eye, it even has a glass lens. Remarkably, his paint formula and one of Mike's panels had virtually the same hue.

Russell Rucker desoldered an annoying beeper from his $40.00 Think Geek t-shirt sound system.

Meanwhile indoors, Mike Senna showed Greg Schumsky how his droid works.

William takes the necessary precautions with a box of dirty diapers. (Actually, he had been sanding MDF, necessitating the mask, and the box is full of parts.)

Matthew Henricks amuses me as he types answers to web chat questions that he could explain out loud to the camera.

The return of Chicken Cam, starring Michael McMaster as Gonzo the Great, with Camilla.

Max Cervantes has RC'd his Hasbro Interactive droid, but its dome and foot motors turn too fast. Mike performed some resistor surgery with the soldering iron to slow the dome down.

It was a fun gathering, and possibly the last local gathering before Celebration V in Orlando.

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