Monday, February 08, 2010

Started Marking Inner Dome for Drilling

Never underestimate the power of procrastination.

I've been stuck in very slow motion on droid #2. This hardly qualifies as building, but I started marking up the inner dome for drilling the finger holes that will allow me to push out the outer dome panels from behind, if I ever need to repaint them.

I fired up iPhoto and used the pictures from droid #1 as my reference to mark the hole locations for droid #2.

The largest holes will be 1/2" in diameter, but many will be somewhat smaller. It all depends on the amount of space behind the panel.

For this framed panel, I marked crosshairs so I would know where to mark the inner dome.

The panels are done being marked. I still need to mark where to locate the screws that will secure the HPs and logics.


Victor Franco said...

"Never underestimate the power of procrastination." I may use that as my signature in the future. I Googled it and didn't get any hits, so I'll claim it as original.


Chris said...

about 28,000 hits

but i still love the saying.

Victor Franco said...

For some reason, putting double-quotes around the line made all the difference, I hadn't quoted my line in my search.

I should have suspected something was wrong, it didn't seem like it was that original. :)


Chris said...


You should google "Googlewhack" or Googlewhacking.