Sunday, January 10, 2010

Primer Work on Skirt, Cut Hole for Rear Logics on Inner Dome

Today I lightly sanded the primer that I applied to the skirt yesterday, to help smooth out the wood grain and any other variabilities on the surface.

Then, it's back to the primer, three more coats. There are still some imperfections that I will probably try to work out, so I'm not quite done with the skirt finishing work yet.

Next I pulled out the Dremel so I could cut out the hole on the inner dome for the rear logics.

The hole is just a little too small for the rear logic surround to fit through. This is due to the curvatures involved in the parts, it's not a blueprint or manufacturing problem.

A file makes quick work of the sides that need some material removed.

Now the surround fits.

Why, oh why, didn't I do this (widen the hole) on the corresponding outer panel that the surround needs to fit through before I painted it?? I will have to hack on the already painted panel sometime. This should have been a lesson learned from droid #1, but I guess I forgot.

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