Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hangin' Out at the Lake Forest Snowfest

This isn't my event, but what the heck.

The city of Lake Forest held its annual Snowfest day. Since it was nearby, and since Mike and I had some items to return to each other that we were borrowing, I dropped by.

Given that this area of Southern California never gets snow, they haul it in. Kids had a great time on the sled rides down the hill.

Mike Senna has his R2 there, and Ian Martin appeared as C-3PO. Ian's girlfriend Amy poses with some of the characters.

Mike made a new friend. This might not go over well with his chickens.

Lots of pictures and interaction throughout the day.

When it was all over, Mike used the original Senna droid lift to load his R2 and head on home.

I might drop by Mike's for a visit tomorrow to trim my integrated front logic surround on his bandsaw.

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