Friday, December 25, 2009

Rewired Mist Can

Today I decided to rewire how my mist can connects to my droid. This is my second attempt, the first try didn't go so well, due to too much of a load going through my 24->12 volt converter, when sounds were playing simultaneously to the mist effect. Now that my droid is completely running on 12 volts, the converter is gone and I can try this again.

Currently the wires that connect the KeyKoder are tied and taped to the wires coming form the solenoid. This makes removing the can and solenoid difficult, since the solenoid cannot leave the droid.

I'm going to use a monophonic plug to couple the solenoid to the wires in the droid.

Not much solder is required for the small wires.

The solenoid side is ready for action.

Turning to the wires coming out of the KeyKoder, I soldered them to the female connector.

I wrapped the exposed surfaces in electrical tape, and a little Velcro holds everything in place.

I tested, and all is well!

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