Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lunch with Weird Al

This post was supposed to be titled, "2009 Laguna Niguel Holiday Parade." Instead, it literally rained on our parade, and the parade was cancelled shortly before it was to begin. We were to have as our special guest Weird Al Yankovic, a designated Friend of the 501st Legion.

When I arrived around 8:00am at the staging area, it was raining pretty heavily. With the parade set to begin at 10:00am, it didn't look like R2 would be participating. That's if the parade happened at all. For some reason, we set up the trailer/float anyway.

Indoors, the costumed characters were getting set up, and taking pictures.

R2-A1 builder Chris Romines recorded a spot with Obi-Shawn Crosby for an upcoming 501st podcast. Chris is organizing a major charity auction for Make a Wish. Various celebrity artists are applying their talents to turn stormtrooper helmets into art. All proceeds from the auction go to Make a Wish. The actual date of the auction is TBD at this time.

As the parade start time approached, it was clear the rain wouldn't let up. I don't think spectators were going to be on the parade route, and the TV coverage was cancelled due to the weather, so the parade was cancelled. Weird Al was just about arriving when this happened. Oh well.

Al was nice enough to take some pictures with the us. Chris presented him with his helmet to decorate for the auction.

Al with me and R2.

Al got into the act with the Don Bies droid builder pose.

The obligatory group picture.

So, with no parade, we all went to lunch with Al to a local bistro. I ended up sitting directly across from him.

At the restaurant, Chris showed Al some pictures of a couple of completed helmets on his iPhone.

Shawn also interviewed Al for the 501st podcast. That should be airing this month.

So, no parade today, but we still had a good time anyway. Maybe next year.

The full photoset is here.

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