Monday, December 14, 2009

First Droid Lift Test Under Load

Tonight I made the adjustments to the droid lift that Mike and I discussed yesterday.

First, I trimmed a couple of inches off the diagonal support pipe that connects the mast to the boom. The cut will allow clearance between the diagonal pipe and the droid.

Earlier on the way into work this morning, I picked up a new 1"-diameter steel rod, that serves as a taller mast. I assembled the new mast and the diagonal support pipe.

Under no load, the pulleys bump into the car ceiling.

Once the droid is lifted, however, the mast bends enough for the pulleys to clear the ceiling.

It turns out this isn't too helpful. Even though it allows me to drop the droid further into the car, I can't swing the boom back out of the car once the load has been removed; the pulleys go right back up into the ceiling.

This is as high as I dare go with the winch hook, so at this setting this is as high as I can lift the droid currently.

Unfortunately, this doesn't lift the droid as high as I'd like. The front casters bump into the base pipe at the tailgate.

With enough rocking back and forth of the front foot, I can get the wheels to clear the pipe, but that's not how I want it to work.

The back wheels are also levitating, but again, not as high as I need them to be to clear the pipes at the base.

And for the first time ever, a (poorly) narrated YouTube video by me showing the droid lift pilot test. I only lifted the droid an inch or two off the floor of the car. Sorry it is so poorly lit, and the audio isn't so great either.

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