Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Droid Lift Completed

Today I went to Mike's to work out the final adjustments on the droid lift.

It turns out only a minor modification or two was required. We removed an extra boom support that I had added the other day (but didn't document here), and with the remaining support, we forced the boom to tilt up as high as possible (which isn't much, but it makes a difference).

Now I get plenty of clearance over the pipes that make up the base of the lift.

Mike liked the improvement so much, he decided to copy my design (ha ha ha). My lift on the left, his on the right.

Mike's droid lift was already working fine, but anything that helps keep the mast from bending is advantageous. I happened to have an extra 24" steel pipe, so he gave it a try. He will probably recut the stubby support on the base to reach up to the top of the mast holder.

For the first time ever, I was able to unload the droid from the car and get it into the house without begging anyone for help. A plywood board helps R2 get over a single step at my doorway.

I'm so happy that the droid lift is complete. I might see if there are any improvements I can make in the future, but for now it will do. Just in time for...

Oh, wait. I have absolutely nothing scheduled for R2, and I just got done with a flurry of events. Oh well, that's how it always goes with R2.

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