Sunday, November 15, 2009

Started JB Welding Back Door Panels

Tonight I started JB Welding some of the panels that go on the back door.

After sanding and cleaning the surfaces to be bonded, I used my clips to lock down the large panel at the top of the door.

I applied the JB Weld with a toothpick. I temporarily moved the clips out of the way as needed.

Throughout the evening,I occasionally released the clips momentarily, to help keep them from bonding to the back of the door. On droid #1, one or two of the clips had to be pried off, and that may happen again this time around.

Moving to the smaller panels, I used blue painters tape to hold these in place.

Again, I applied JB Weld on the back side.

The clips can't reach most of the area on the small panels, but I did use a few to help keep them in place. Hopefully by tomorrow everything will be in good shape.


Paul said...

Nicely done, I like your way of doing the rear door panel much better than I did mine. I put too much on the top seam, so making the door close snug became is issue. I think I can still smell the JB Weld dust from all the sanding I had to do with the dremel to fix it!

Victor Franco said...

Thanks Paul.

I overdid the JB Weld a bit on droid #1, although not so much near the door edges. This time I used it much more sparingly, but all the panels that are done seem to be holding strong.