Saturday, November 07, 2009

Prepped Back Door for JB Welding

I've been Mr. Lazy lately, but today I finally got something done for droid #2. It's time to start putting together the back door, so today I did the prep work for the JB Weld that will hold the various panels together.

Long ago I failed to apply masking tape to the back side of the outer skin when I painted the skin white, so I had to sand and use acetone to remove a misty coat of white paint from the back side. I'm doing this because I want the JB Weld to adhere to a clean, roughed-up aluminum surface. This took quite a while.

Next I lightly sanded the inner skin, and cleaned it up too afterward.

The back-to-back layers are cleaned up and ready to go. Hopefully I'll get this started soon.

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