Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mystery Stick

Today I worked on a very small project for droid #1, for an event next weekend. I've mentioned it in passing in other forums, and I'll let you guess for a few days.

The project involves a small PVC strip that needs a couple of holes drilled into it. The first hole is for a #6 screw to attach the PVC to the rib that sits below the bottom utility arm.

With the PVC mounted in the droid, I protected the skins as best I could, and drilled a 5/16" diameter hole in the top part of the PVC.

I cut a couple of segments of 5/16" wooden dowel. One of these pieces will go through the hole in the PVC.

Looks like a holder of some sort, but for what?

I plan to do a little more work on this tomorrow.

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