Sunday, September 06, 2009

Installed Front Vents

Today I had a little time to install the front vent housing assembly on the frame.

The fit was a bit too snug, so I needed to remove just a little material from the adjacent vertical ribs, using the Dremel drum sander.

There is a rib to the right of the assembly that interferes a bit with the right rail, so I marked where to cut a small portion of the rail, to make a slot for this rib, and then I did the cutting.

I reinstalled the harness on the frame, and determined where to drill the mounting holes.

Then, over to the drill press to drill the holes in the rails.

I used four #4x3//4" wood screws to mount the harness onto the frame.

Things are looking reasonably good. I may or may not make very minor adjustments in the future, but I think I could live with this.

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