Thursday, September 17, 2009

Glued in Bottom Utility Arm MDF Pivot Point Holder

Tonight I glued in the MDF holders that help secure the pivot rod on the bottom utility arm. I decided to take it one arm at a time.

I blobbed a little glue on the side of the MDF that will go against the rib upon which it sits.

Both MDF holders are in there now.

Utility arms: The new coin slots. A quarter helps ensure that the arm doesn't sag while the glue sets.

This will take a bit longer to finish up than I thought, as I won't have too much time to work on the arms in the near future.


Calvin Thomas said...

I'm working on Keith's frame and ran into a problem.
Sorry, I don't mean to post on your blog but I don't have your email.
I need to email you, Is there a way I can get your email addy?

Victor Franco said...


PM sent, post here again if you don't receive it.