Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Installed Coin Slots and Front Power Coupler

This evening I worked on installing the coin slots (which I haven't painted yet), and the front power coupler (which I have painted). First up, the coin slots.

I needed to trim about 1/8" off the top of the coin slots, to avoid having the top of the part bump into the rib above it. I did this using the Dremel with the cutoff wheel.

Next, I cut a couple of 3.5" segments of bar, that I hammered into an 'S' shape to help hold the coin returns in place.

I marked and drilled a hole for a 3/4" long #4 wood screw that will secure the bar in place.

For droid #1 I have one of these bars, I decided to go with a pair of them for droid #2. The cretins little angels sometimes like to press the coin slots in, so this should help keep them in place.

Next up, the front power coupler. As with droid #1, I stayed with the metal bars again. I cut a couple of segments, roughly 1.25" to 1.50" long, and marked and drilled the holes for a 3/4" #4 wood screw, just like for the coin slots.

With the two bars screwed down, the power coupler is secure.

I might work on installing the octagon ports next, but I need to decide exactly how I'll deal with the aluminum version I'm using on droid #2. I'll likely do something similar to what I did for droid #1, and drill a couple of holes for screws in the back and attach some sort of paddle to the back of the octagon port and to the rib above it. We shall see.

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