Saturday, July 25, 2009

San Diego Comic-Con 2009

While not quite droid building or a droid building event, San Diego Comic-Con featured several droids, so it goes into the blog.

I managed to attend Comic-Con today only, which was plenty tiring! There is so much to see, and an ocean of people (like 120,000 or so).

Let's start with some of the other R2 Builders I saw.

William and Nikki Miyamoto were navigating HAL-1138 around the lobby, joined by Max Cervantes and RT-R2.

Chris Romines, Oliver Steeples and Amy Sjoberg also joined an impromptu droid builder gathering.

Chris Romines (R2-A1) and Vince Sanchez (R2-D2) had their droids parked at the Dark Horse Comics booth.

We caught up with Matthew Senreich and Tom Root of Robot Chicken, and chatted for a few minutes.

Clone Wars director Dave Filoni was also nearby.

Speaking of droids (a few pictures ago), Sideshow Collectibles had their R2-D2 on display. I'm sorry, this thing just looks wrong! The skirt in particular is really off. The pictures don't do it (in)justice.

Tons of fun Star Wars-related stuff, both at the Lucasfilm booth(s) and at partner booths.

And not to be left out, the non-Star Wars stuff.

Even more pictures here.


Anonymous said...

Victor, I was wondering you were the person I saw on G4 yesterday. They should a very brief shot of the R2 builders display and it kinda looked like you, I was just curious. I wish I wasnt stuck here in the middle of the USA (KCMO), seems like we never have any fun Sci Fi events locally.

Thanks, Gary (Fordfun)

Victor Franco said...

Hi Gary,

As far as I know, it wasn't me, as I don't recall and G4 cameras in my vicinity. I was wearing my gray R2 Crew t-shirt, if that helps.