Friday, July 03, 2009

Mounted Booster Cover Bodies, Fitted Ankle Bracelets

Today I worked on mounting the booster cover bodies to the legs, and getting the ankle bracelets to fit over the booster covers.

First, I cut some small MDF rectangles to fit into the slots I routed the other day.

Next, I cut slots half-way up into the rectangles. Afterward, I had to file these to be a little wider in order to allow them to fit over a #8 wood screw.

I then centered the rectangles in the slots and glued them down.

Turning to the PVC ankle bracelets, I used the Dremel to cut near the lines I etched yesterday.

I then filed and sanded until the ankle bracelets fit over the booster covers perfectly. This seemingly took forever.

Finally, once the glue had dried on the MDF rectangles on the back of the booster covers, I screwed some #8, 3/4" wood screws down into the slots. With the booster cover top pieces removed, these screws and the MDF holders help align the part on the leg and keep it in place.

I still need to use the Dremel drum sander to remove material on the ankle bracelet where the bottom of the leg strut will fit through, and I need to drill out a shallow hole in the wooden leg strut holder that fits inside the ankle.

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