Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Ankle Bracelet Work, Cut Leg Strut Holders

I love it when past Victor leaves future Victor a gift.

The 2006 version of me rough-cut some ankle bracelets that were waiting for me today.

I used the Dremel drum sander and some 220 grit sand paper to smooth out the outer curve.

Next, I cut out a basic rectangle to accommodate the leg. Later, I will cut out the area underneath the booster covers to allow them to pass through.

I also cut the backing strip to size.

The fit looks good!

Turning to the little holders for the leg struts, I marked a circle of 2.75" in diameter on some 3/4" scrap plywood. The Tape-Ease cylinder is 3.00" in diameter, but it is 1/4" thick, so the radius is reduced by 0.25".

Next, the rough-cut with the jig saw.

I routed the circle to size on the router table.

The holder needs to be 1.25" tall.

I measured, marked and cut the holders.

I cut them a tiny bit tall on purpose, and sanded them down to size.

Perfect fit!

Still plenty to do, including mounting the booster covers and finishing the cuts on the ankle bracelets to allow the booster covers to pass through.

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