Thursday, May 07, 2009

Trimmed and Marked Booster Cover Tops

Tonight I had some time to return to work on the booster cover tops.

I started by trimming the pieces to size on the miter saw.

I shaved a little material from each side, iteratively fitting the width against the booster cover bodies until they matched. Not quite there yet...

A few more trims, and all is well. At this point the top pieces are 3.35" tall, 3.125" wide and 2.00" deep. Again, the height is 0.10" taller than spec because I'm going to cut through the piece to get to the slot areas later, and I am accounting for the kerf of the blade (or pretty close to it).

Next, time to pull out the blueprints, compass, ruler and pencil and start marking up the pieces for the curve that gets cut at the top.

There are two different radii centered at two different distances, so I measured and marked the center points for these arcs.

I clamped the pieces together and drew the arcs.

I marked both the front and back faces, and then drew lines connecting them along the top and sides.

Just like when I did this for droid #1, this took a lot longer than it seems like it should (around 2 hours or so). I'm glad that's over with, but sanding out the curve itself takes much longer.

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