Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sanded Resin Ankle Wedges

Today I spent some time sanding the back side of the resin ankle wedges. This is the side that was at the top of the mold, where the resin is poured and intentionally overflows a bit to ensure the mold is completely full.

Lots of resin dust, which probably isn't too good to breath, so I was careful.

There is a tiny gap between the cylinder and the wedge. I can live it it, but I may try to sand the wedge to make it so it fits both the cylinder and the ankle, if I feel particularly industrious.

All four pairs are mostly done.


alanrw said...

Take some 220 sandpaper, wrap it around the cylinder and then work the wedge back and forth. You will end up with a perfect fit.


Victor Franco said...

Thanks Alan.

The wedge actually fits the cylinder perfectly right now, if I move it off the leg and against the cylinder.

So I'm considering sanding the back of the wedge to match the actual angle of the flat face of the curved ankle piece when the wedge is flush against the cylinder.


TerryLee said...

Hi Victor, I ran across your blog searching for people who have built an R2D2. I have no experience in molding and casting. My question is, what are you using to create the molds?


Victor Franco said...


The molds were created by someone else. Making the molds involves mixing other chemicals and pouring them over the part. The chemicals cures into a rubber latex-like material, and then the original part is removed and the mold is used to make the new resin parts.

There is a demo of the mold making process on the R2LA V DVD available from Michael McMaster at: