Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finished Casting Resin Ankle Cylinders

Today I had time in the morning and evening to finish pouring the resin ankle cylinders.

80 grams of this, and 80 grams of that.

Once "this and that" (also known as isocyanate and polyol) are mixed thoroughly, into the mold it goes.

Give it an hour for a larger part like this to cure.

And we have another cylinder. Magic!

I repeated the process for the fourth cylinder, so those are done being cast. Later I will fill and sand as needed.


alanrw said...

Hi Victor, do you have the mold for the wedge pieces that go on top of the outboard cylinders?


Victor Franco said...

Hi Alan,

I don't have the mold in my possession, Mike does. I used it, it made nice castings of his scratch-built wedges.


Calvin Thomas said...

Those are some clean casts.
I have some of Keith's and I allways love his resin work,
But those are much cleaner.
I have got to learn to use resin.

Victor Franco said...

Hi Calvin,


I can't take much credit, the cylinder molds are in good shape, and pouring resin is very easy (it must be, if I can do it). Making good molds would seem to be the most important part.