Saturday, February 21, 2009

Curved Ankle Work

Today I spent a few minutes working on the Tape-Ease curved part of the ankles, in preparation for mounting them to the legs.

First, I needed to cut the length to size. The outer curved ankles are 4.1", the curved part of the center leg is 4.0". I measured and marked.

And then I cut each of them to size. I cut a large amount off at first, and then shaved off material iteratively, until I hit the mark.

While cutting one of them, I had a small part chip out in the corner. This will be unnoticeable due to the ankle bracelet that sits on top, but I figured I'd fill it anyway with a small blob of Evercoat.

I gave all the ankles another sanding. I will coat with primer one more time (hopefully), before gluing them to the legs.

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