Saturday, December 27, 2008

Drivetrain Assembly Work

The march of progress continues... Today Mike and I picked up where we left off on the drivetrains.

Mike cut the keyways on the many gears that had not yet had them cut. These keyways will allow a square piece of aluminum stock to lock the gears to the axles, as we'll see a little later in the build. A press is used to drive the keyway cutter into the gear. Each tooth on the cutter shaves off a small amount of material.

Meanwhile, I worked on the chain, cutting and linking it together to the proper length (eventually).

After building the chain, I cut 1" off the ends of the NPC shafts, so that these short pieces could be used to hold the tensioning gear.

Mike measured, marked and drilled the locations where the tensioning gear should be located on each drivetrain body.

Several hours later, one side of the six drivetrains is nearing completion.

The drivetrains are getting there. We still need to attach the motor mount brackets and build the chain for the motor side, and attach the top channel that we cut earlier.


DarthMoose74 said...

Great job so far you 2!
I watched the R2LA part last night.

Is there a parts/price list yet anywhere?

The motors alone look like a pretty penny. LOL

I look forward to more updates!

Victor Franco said...

I e-mailed Moose the MS Excel Bill of Materials, which can also be found here: