Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yet More Drivetrain Work

Today I returned to Mike's for more drivetrain work. On this visit I was mainly a spectator.

We started with the channel pieces that will go at the top of the drivetrains. Mike lopped off the tops, leaving the channels about 1.5" tall. Good thing this isn't dangerous or anything...

Once the channel was cut to size, the corners were cut, at about 55 degrees.

Next up, the motor mounts. These are cut from larger, 1/4" thick aluminum stock. Look at that aluminum fly!

At the end of the visit I cut a couple of more axles, with five more remaining to be cut down. To be continued...


fordfun (on said...

Victor, Somewhere in your vast blog I read about an automated setup to control random dome movement and sound. I was wondering if you or Mike Senna had ever done a tutorial on it. I am handy with a soldering iron, but am somewhat concerned with programming the PIC . Any information would be appreciated.
Thanks, Gary

Victor Franco said...

Hi Gary,

You are in luck. There is an as-of-this-date unpublished tutorial on

I wrote this back in July of this year, and I've been pestering Mike to review and edit it. In the meantime, hopefully it will provide much of the info you seek.


Fordfun said...

Thanks Victor!