Saturday, September 06, 2008

Removed Bad KeyKoder Switch

At today's event at The Pottery Barn Kids, I found that the right-most switch on the KeyKoder attachment to my transmitter was bent. I'm not sure how this happened, I must have banged it hard on something. I use this switch for volume-up control on the CFSound III system.

I decided to check into the problem, and removed the KeyKoder from the transmitter.

Next, I unsoldered the bad switch from the board. (The blue tape on a couple of the switches is to help me play specific sounds by feel.)

Finally, I took the bad switch apart. Sure enough, the lever that gets pulled was bent! It is supposed to be straight.

I think I need to replace the whole switch, especially since I pretty much destroyed it when taking it apart. Hopefully I can get a replacement soon.


TK-394 said...

Ya know, I've been meaning to ask someone this. I have the TX w/ keycoder setup that you do. What do you have all your channels & keycoder switches mapped to?

Obviously, 1&2 are drive, and 3 is dome, and 5 is probably the KC. What else?

Victor Franco said...

Hi Christopher,

The dials associated with channels 6 & 7 control each of the utility arms. Turns out I use channel 4 for the dome, channel 3 is unused, as are channels 8 & 9. The other channels are assigned as you described. As of now, I don't have any plans for more channels.