Friday, September 12, 2008

Finished Gluing Left Horseshoe

Tonight I glued together the two groupings of layers for the left horseshoe. Recall that I left the top five layers with the pockets for the buttons and hydraulics glued together separately from the bottom two layers (the shim is its own, separate layer). This was done to ease the sanding and finishing of the pocket walls.

I applied glue to the dowels I cut weeks ago, and placed them in their holes. One of the dowels is cut short because it does not enter into the leg.

Next, I laid the top five glued-together layers face down, and applied glue to the back of layer five, and smeared it around. The layers are face down so that the the dowels will be flush with the front face of the horseshoes, though they will require finishing work.

Then I clamped down the bottom two layers, cleaned up the excess glue that oozed at the seams, and I'll let this dry overnight.

Tomorrow I have another Pottery Barn Kids event. Whereas at last week's event we had about 350 attendees, I've been told that at least 1,200 people got free tickets to line up for tomorrow's event! Gonna be busy!


Calvin Thomas said...

Correct me if I'm wrong,
5 Layers have the pockets and 2 layers are solid.
I'm helping me wife build her horeshoes and I was following your design.
How did you make the inner shoes?
I think they're 1/8 inch recessed,

Victor Franco said...


You are correct, five layers have the pockets, two layers are solid, plus the shim layer, which is also solid.

If you are asking about the shim layer that is 1/8" recessed, what I did was make an extra solid layer that was the same size as one of the two solid layers, and then I marked a line 1/8" from the edge, and then used a belt sander to sand the edge down. I finished it by hand sanding with sandpaper.

Let me know if I misunderstood your question, or if something isn't clear.