Friday, August 08, 2008

Made New Shoulder Pocket Templates

Russell Rucker had added a comment to yesterday's blog entry, mentioning the possibility that as I move around the corner template that I made yesterday, each placement might not be in alignment with the previous one. This could lead to a "step" effect from the router. The more I thought about Russell's comment, the more I agreed, so I decided to go ahead and cut full perimeter templates for both the shoulder buttons and hydraulics.

Time to break out the chop saw and do some more choppin'.

Here are the shoulder button templates, loosely fitted.

And the unglued hydraulic pocket template.

I glued each segment together, one at a time. I test-fitted each step of building these against the horseshoe, to ensure that everything would be aligned properly. Hopefully once the glue has dried, this will fit as planned.

1 comment:

Russell said...

Now I feel soooo guilty! :OP
Hope you didn't toss and turn all night thinking about that half template sitting there on your work table.....

New template looks great. it really doesnt HAVE to align perfectly down to a 1000's inch. Your router will make its own holes now.

Great idea. I just filed mine out by hand and you can tell!!!