Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trimmed Dowels on Left Ankle, Glued Up Right Leg

Tonight I used the Dremel cutoff wheel to shave a little material from the dowels sticking out of the right ankle. They were a tad too long for the end cap piece to sit flush.

I just shaved about 1/16" off of each dowel.

Now the top layer sits flush on top of the layer beneath it. I have not glued this last piece down yet, I plan to do that tomorrow.

Instead, I decided to glue up the right leg. As with the left leg, I put each layer down in order, smearing wood glue around, but leaving room for the alignment dowels to be removable.

All clamped up, I'll wait about 24 hours and then unclamp, and then I can go back to the left ankle piece and glue it down.

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