Saturday, July 19, 2008

Started Gluing Right Horseshoe Layers

Today I started gluing up the 1/8" layers that make up the right horseshoe.

I am not gluing the shim layer at all, since this is painted silver, versus the white color of the other layers. I also did not glue the bottom two solid layers to the upper five layers with the pockets for the shoulder buttons and hydraulics. I want to be able to do some finishing work on those pockets, and it is much easier to do if they are glued to each other, but not glued to the solid layers underneath.

As with the leg layers, I used wood glue. Dowels keep the layers aligned.

Then, smear the glue around. I was careful not to glue the dowels in place. They are removable for now, but they will eventually be glued down. I used toothpicks and slightly moist paper towels to wipe away excess glue.

All done. I clamped 'em up and I'll let them dry. I expect to do the same for the left horseshoe layers tomorrow.

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