Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Finished Cutting Leg & Horseshoe Dowels

Tonight I finished cutting (and in some cases, recutting) the dowels that are used to align the leg and horseshoe layers.

The plan is to not glue the leg dowels in permanently, I only want to use them for alignment. Hopefully I will be able to slide the leg dowels out after all the leg layers are glued. However, I will wait on gluing the horseshoe layers, since I plan to leave the dowels in the horseshoes, and use them to mount the horseshoes onto the legs. If I am unable to remove the leg dowels, then I will plan to not glue in the dowels in the horseshoes permanently.

Note that only three of the four dowels are used to mount the horseshoes onto the legs, the last dowel is to be cut flush just below the leg surface and the horseshoe surface.

This should all be clearer as I move forward.

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