Thursday, May 08, 2008

Repaired Utility Arm Post

Tonight I made a minor repair to one of the utility arms.

The other day while painting, I inadvertently twisted the rod that supports the opening and closing of the utility arm, such that it came out of the resin arm.

After gouging out a very small amount of resin in the hole in the arm, I applied some JB Weld to a toothpick and globbed some in the hole. I then covered the end of the segment of rod with some additional JB Weld.

I jammed it in there, and cleaned up the excess JB Weld that oozed out, as best I could.

I'll let it cure for 24 hours and see how it goes. Should be good as new. If so, I'll start reinstalling the arms soon.


Calvin Thomas said...

Just incase that does'nt hold,
I've been using Amazing Goop and I tell you this stuff is the best I've ever used.
I have'nt tried it on resin yet, But I've used it on just about everything else.

Victor Franco said...

Thanks for the tip, Calvin. I'll give that a try if the JB Weld doesn't hold. I already have some, in fact.