Sunday, April 27, 2008

Started Painting Outer Skins

Today I started painting the outer skins.

Before painting, I lightly sanded the primer from yesterday, to ensure a smooth surface.

Next, I removed the residue. Several moist and dusty paper towels later, and the cleaned skins were ready for paint.

I initially laid the skins so that they were facing up, to get the maximum paint coverage, and so I could paint the top and bottom edges.

After four coats had dried for a while, I set the skins upright and painted the edges that were touching the drop cloth.

Everything turned out pretty well, although there is a minor drip that I will need to sand out and mist-spray later.

Right now, the white coverage looks good. But experience tells me that after some time, I may see a hint of gray primer showing through. If so, I'll add more coats.

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