Saturday, April 05, 2008

Naval Medical Center Event

Today R2 went out to support the families of the troops, at the US Naval Medical Center in San Diego.

As usual, R2-D2 and Chris Romines' R2-A1 doubled-up to provide the droid entertainment.

The droids were accompanied by a bunch of members of the 501st and Rebel Legion.

Mr. Sparkle!

R2 was honored to take a picture with Rear Admiral Christine Hunter. Rear Admiral Hunter has two stars on her collar (the equivalent of a Two-Star General in the Army).

Lots of half-pints also approached R2 for a closer look at this curious droid.

One big ol' group picture, and it was time for R2 to head on home, he had a good day.


Calvin Thomas said...

You really show what building a droid is all about :O)
And I don't know what it is, But your R2 looks better than he ever has (what' your secret)

Victor Franco said...

My secret is Photoshop. :)

Just kidding. I think the dome panel repainting helped a lot, and I still need to repaint the utility arms. R2's look may change in the not-too-distant future though, I'm thinking of weathering him a little bit after his first birthday (May 20).

Thanks for the kind words!


Calvin Thomas said...

I don't know about weathering this one Victor.
I stay busy looking and working on R2 and I think it would be a shame to weather your R2.
I'd think really hard about that before you do it.
Some droids that are good but not GREAT need weathering, But again this is not the case.
Can't wait to see where you take him next.