Saturday, March 01, 2008

Guess R2's Weight

At long last, I had the opportunity to borrow a scale to weigh R2. And his weight is....

142.2 lbs.

I was guessing between 130 and 140 pounds, so I was a bit off. That's okay, I weigh more than I thought, too. Somehow I didn't take a picture of my weigh-in, though.

The dome alone is 12.4 lbs.

Obviously I didn't get any building done today.


Army Scout said...

You got way to much time on your hands Vic!!!

Victor Franco said...

Apparently I do.


Chris said...

This is really interesting. My 98.74% aluminum droid is weighing in at around 175lb. I'm surprised there's not more weight saving with a wooden frame/legs.

You upgraded a lot of your resin pieces to aluminum right?


Victor Franco said...


I haven't really swapped out any resin for aluminum since I completed the droid, although I originally intended to do so.

The drivetrain weighs a lot, with the aluminum and the motors. The batteries are over 20 lbs. I guess it all adds up fast. No wonder my back hurts! :P


Chris said...

here's my breakdown