Thursday, March 27, 2008

Entstort Motors Arrive

With the recent dearth of Trico wiper motors, I ordered a couple of Entstort motors, which are very similar in appearance at least, if not performance. The pair that I ordered arrived today.

There are a couple of fairly noticeable design differences between these Entstort motors and the Trico motors. First, the shaft is much longer on the Entstort motors.

Second, the motor gear is on the reverse side from the Trico motor. This means that the main bar that holds the motor mount on the H&A drivetrain will either need extra holes, or possibly be flipped over and re-countersunk on the opposite side, if enough material is available for countersinking on both sides.

Neither of these differences appear to be show-stoppers.

I tried a shaft adapter and a mounting screw on one of the new motors, and they both fit perfectly, so that's good news.

I plan to go to Mike's on Sunday and we'll start testing the electrical characteristics of these motors. Once we have some findings, I'll report them.

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