Thursday, March 06, 2008

Drilled Inner Skins

Tonight I drilled the holes for the screws that will hold the inner skins onto the frame.

There are a few things to keep in mind when drilling the inner skins. First, the screws should be completely covered by the outer skins. Second, the hole locations should be planned out to work well with the screws that hold on the outer skins. Third, the holes must be drilled to hit the ribs or base plates behind them.

As with droid #1, I'm using #4 screws to attach the skins to the frame. For the top and bottom base plates, I'm using 3/4" wood screws. For the holes that go through the ribs, I'm using 1.25" machine screws that will have a nut behind them.

For the top and bottom base plates and shoulder plank holders, I used a #33 (0.113") drill bit to drill the hole through the skins, but I did not drill into the wood. I went back later with a 5/64" drill bit and drilled pilot holes for the wood screws. If need be, I can always use a toothpick fragment to tighten the holes, but I don't foresee this as something I'll need to do.

For those holes that go through the skins and ribs, I used the #33 drill bit to drill through all the material. The idea is to hit the center of the rib.

Eh, close enough.

Thirty-one new holes in the skins.

I still need to go back and countersink the holes, I'll get to that next.

Hey, we crossed the 15,000-hit threshold today! Congratulations, Mac user in/near San Leandro, CA.

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