Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cut Back Door

Today I cut the back door from the back inner skin.

First, I picked up where I left off yesterday, and marked the lines to cut on. I did this by extending the small marks I made yesterday on the inner skin, showing midpoint of the area of the inner skin where I planned to cut.

I used a tape measure as a guide for marking the horizontal line that forms the top of the back door.

I checked the line against the skins, and it was just where I wanted it.

To avoid any goofs, I erased the outside lines, leaving only the lines to cut on.

Next, it was Dremel time. I started with the top edge of the door.

Every once in a while I checked the line I was cutting, against the back door of the outer skin, to make sure all was well. I'm using a slightly thicker cutting disc on droid #2, but it gets the job done better than the comparatively weaker discs I used for droid #1.

I took a page out of Chris James' book, and used some scraps from the outer skins as a guide for cutting the vertical sides of the door.

Repeat for the other side.

And finish the cutting with a hacksaw blade.

Afterward I sanded the sharp edges smooth.

Everything overlaps the way I want it to when I hold the skins together. The curve seems to be a bit different between the two skins, I'll try to work that out in the next few days so that the back door will hug the body properly.

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