Friday, February 01, 2008

Finished Gluing Framed Skin Panels

Tonight I picked up where I left off last night, and finished gluing the two large framed panels that go on the back of the droid.

It belatedly occurred to me that I should scrape excess silicone from the reverse side of the panels, since these will need to sit flush against the main skins when it's time to glue them down. I used a razor blade to do this. I wish I had thought of this last night.

It cleaned up quite nicely using this method.

I'll let these dry a day or two.

Later I will JB Weld the framed panels that go on the back door. While the silicone helps reduce rattle and noise, it does not take autographs well. I want to make the back door available for autographs, hence the planned use of JB Weld. This works well on droid #1, I already have several autographs. And Mike's back door is absolutely covered with them.

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