Sunday, February 03, 2008

Droid Tear-Down DVD Shoot

Sure enough, it rained today in Southern California, so instead of routing my frame, I went over to Mike's to lend a hand in a new DVD tutorial shoot.

Mike has an older tutorial on the first R2LA DVD that shows his R2 in great detail, as he disassembles it and explains how everything works. I must have watched it at least 50 times when I was starting out with my build, no exaggeration.

Mike's droid has changed over the years, and some details were missing from the tutorial, so Mike has decided to re-shoot the tutorial for a future DVD collection that he's putting together with Michael McMaster. (These things take a long time to produce, so patience is required.)

We got down to business. Lights, camera, action!

I operated the camera, except for when I didn't. There were a few times where Mike needed to grab the camera off the tripod and get into some hard-to-reach places.

By the end, we had pretty much exploded Mike's droid.

Not to fear, in under one hour we had the whole droid back together, driving and chirping happily.

New footage will include details on animating the utility arms, how to set up the mist spray effect, fitting caster wheels into the front foot shell, and much more. This promises to be a very helpful tutorial.

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