Monday, January 14, 2008

Filed More Skin Tabs

Not much progress today. I simply filed the tabs off of the last main body panel for the front inner layer of the skins.

Next up, filing each of the panels that were cut out earlier. I may not get to those until later in the week.


Chris said...

that old r2 in the background really does seem to be getting in the way of your building space. do you have room to store it? i'd be more than happy to store it for you :)

Victor Franco said...

Ha ha. I was thinking it might be better if you just build the second droid for me. :)


Paul said...

Next up...the cut outs for the Power Coupler face plate?

Victor Franco said...

That's definitely coming up, along with trimming the octagon port area of the inner skins, to allow the octagon ports to sit flush against the inner surface of the outer skins.


Victor Franco said...

test comment, ignore