Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Removed Paint from Dome Panels, Applied Primer

Today I used acetone to remove the paint from the panels on dome #1.

I left the original white primer on. It's not worth removing, and will actually help with the wet-sanding process.

Removing the paint involves soaking a paper towel in acetone, and scrubbing the piece until each layer of paint and clearcoat is removed. I use rubber gloves, but the acetone eventually dissolves them and I have to replace them. I also wear a mask to avoid breathing in fumes when using acetone, or applying spray paint.

More before/after:

After removing the paint from all of the panels, I waited a little while for the acetone to completely evaporate, and then I applied gray primer to all of the panels.

I also finished removing the tape from the dome where the pie panels sit.

Tomorrow I plan to start (and with any luck, finish) wet-sanding the panels, in preparation for final painting.

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