Sunday, November 04, 2007

Picked Up Panels, Worked on Car Platform, Mystery Circuit

Today I dropped by Mike's to pick up the rest of the dome panels that we painted last weekend. They look great!

One of these days I'll need make time to remove the current dome panels and replace them with these. I have events coming up this month and next, and I want to leave plenty of time to do the swap.

When I returned home, I did a little work on the platform I'm making to help secure R2 while he's in the Droidmobile. I attached a couple of foot stops at the back of the platform.

The rear stops are permanently attached with wood screws. The plan is for there to be one long stop in front of the outer feet which will be held on by bolts that drop into place through some holes, and that can easily be removed (holes still to be drilled).

These stops, along with seat belts and bungee cords, will help to keep R2 from moving around in the Droidmobile. This entire platform will replace one of the floor panels in the Element, and has already been properly fitted.

Lastly, I want to add the same nifty little circuit to my droid that Mike added to his droid last year. What will this circuit do? Well, here's a small hint: Mike added this circuit to his droid when he found out his R2 would be riding on the Lucasfilm Rose Parade float this past January. My R2 has been invited to be on a Christmas Parade float next month, so I want R2 to have the same circuit.


Calvin Thomas said...

OK, When is the secret circuit coming out?
I don't remember if I told you, But at our Southern R2 meeting back in October. Your site was 1 of the most talked about sites.

Well, Catch you later.

Victor Franco said...

All will be revealed very soon (like probably Wednesday). Or in your case, now, as I sent you a PM. :)

Yes, I saw you mention that the blog was talked about at the builders meeting, and I'm quite humbled and honored that others would have it in mind.